Settings for this game

Andere Spieler Schlagen 1
Player Fights per day 3
Days that new players are safe from PvP 5
Amount of experience when players become killable in PvP 1500
Clean user posts (filters bad language and splits words over 45 chars long) 0
Erz, das ein neuer Gefangener besitzt. 500
New Days
Spieler müssen weniger als X Runden haben um Zinsen zu bekommen 4
Max Interest Rate (%) 10
Min Interest Rate (%) 1
Game days per calendar day 4
Extra daily uses in specialty area 1
Bank settings
Max amount player can borrow per level 200
Können Spieler Erz versenden? 1
Max amount player can transfer per level of recipient (if transfers are enabled) 1000
Minimum level a player has to be before they can transfer gold (if transfers are enabled) 1
Total transfers a player can receive in one play day (if transfers are enabled) 5
Max amount total a player can transfer to others per level (if transfers are enabled) 1000
Waldkämpfe pro Tag 15
Forest Creatures always drop at least 1/4 of possible gold 1
Mail Settings
Max Zeichen pro Nachricht 2048
Limit # of messages in inbox 30
Automatically delete old messages after (days) 14
Wie lange werden Comments & News gespeichert? (0=unendlich) 14
Days to keep accounts that were never logged in to? (0 for infinite) 5
Days to keep level 1 accounts with no dragon kills? (0 for infinite) 50
Days to keep all other accounts? (0 for infinite) 365
Seconds of inactivity before auto-logoff 1200
Dag Durnick Bounty Settings
Minimum amount per level of target for bounty 1
Maximales Erz pro Level des Opfers 100
Minimum player level for being a bounty target 10
Percentage of bounty kept by Dag Durnick 10
How many bounties can a person set per day 1
Useful Information
Day Duration 6 hours
Current game time 06:50
Serverzeit 2018-10-18 10:42:32 pm
Last new day 09:00:00 pm
Next new day 03:00:00 am (04h 17m 28s)